Offering counselling in a timely fashion to those in need is an important goal for Catholic Family Services of Toronto. We offer individual, couple, and family Quick Access – Single Session counselling.

Our professional counselling staff is trained to offer Quick Access – Single Session counselling to clients who have an urgent need to speak with a counsellor. The single-session consultation is aimed at helping clients identify and hone-in on plans that will provide them with help for their presenting concern.

Our counsellors are prepared to work with the needs, strengths, values, and goals of individuals, couples and families. We also recognise and sensitively respond to differences in cultural, racial, gender, and religious backgrounds of clients.

Clients who are interested in pursuing other or additional services in the agency have the option to access our ongoing counselling, wellness, or group programs.

For students ages (18-35), call or text our free and confidential mental health support line at 647-249-9059. We will respond within 24 hours Monday- Saturday.

Before applying for this program, please contact us so we can determine the best service for you.

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