If you are planning to get married in the Catholic Church, you are required to complete a marriage preparation program. The Office of Marriage Preparation and Family Life in partnership with the Archdiocese of Toronto, offers marriage preparation courses along with other specialized programs. Our Marriage Preparation Program is aligned with the Archdiocese of Toronto’s vision of preparing and supporting couples receiving the Sacrament of Marriage.

Using a professionally written curriculum, approved by the Archdiocese of Toronto, the couples will learn about the sacramental aspects of marriage and the life skills needed to enjoy a successful marriage. The course prepares couples to receive the Marriage Sacrament and assists them in discerning if they are ready to make the commitment to marry. Couples will be provided with information and education that will enhance their readiness for a healthy marriage.

Our courses are delivered by deacons and specialized programs are offered by professionally trained facilitators. At the end of their course, individual couples will meet with a trained counsellor for a relationship “check-up” to enhance their communication and relationship skills, and prevent problems from arising, in a pre-marriage review session.

The Marriage Preparation courses are also appropriate for those couples who are civilly married or cohabiting.

Registrations for Marriage Preparation courses close when the class is full or two weeks before the start date to allow ample time to ship out the required materials.