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Woman Abuse

Woman Abuse Services can be accessed by calling the North Office at 416 222-0048

The program focuses on providing a safe and supportive environment to abused women and their families, including those who have been sexually abused, in which they can receive counselling, support, education, and information on other support services in the community.

The services are provided through individual, couple, family and group counselling. Assessments and service plans are jointly developed to determine the most appropriate way to provide a focused service.


This program for women and their families aims to

  • help women and their families deal with safety issues
  • learn about the impact of violence on self and the family unit
  • identify and deal with feelings
  • build a positive self image and develop a sense of personal control in their lives; increase their problem solving and decision making abilities
  • to provide information regarding other relevant services in the community; to assist women and their families to use these services, as needed
  • to collaborate with other service providers in the community to help meet the comprehensive needs of abused women and their families
  • to provide culturally and racially sensitive services

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Individual counselling works with the woman to assist her in healing from the impact of abuse and develop a safety plan for her and her family. The process starts with the woman and her counsellor making an assessment and identifying goals that will be worked on in counselling.


This service is offered to couples where issues of woman abuse may have been identified at intake. It is a one-session assessment, taking up to two hours. The goals are to determine safety and to make recommendations regarding which services would be appropriate.


Where issues of woman abuse have been identified and the parents have separated, services to the mother and children are usually offered through the Here to Help group program. Screening is done to assess for suitability.

  • Understanding Abuse
  • Here to Help
  • RISE

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This is a peer based support service provided by trained volunteer mentors to assist women receiving counselling for the impact of abuse. The service may be provided individually to the women to assist in breaking their isolation or in speaking engagements to the community to heighten awareness of woman abuse.

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Pour plus de renseignements sur l’aide pour les femmes victimes de violence offerent en française, veuillez s'il vous plaît consulter l’agence partenaire qui est financé par le Ministère des Services Sociaux et Communautaires de la province de l'Ontario:

OASIS Centre des Femmes

Tel 1-877-336-2433

TTY 1-866-860-7082

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