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Choosing to Change

Choosing to Change is a program for men who have been emotionally and/or physically abusive in their relationships with women, and who wish to end these behaviours and begin to develop a respectful and equal relationship.

This program is designed to respond to the needs of men who self-refer or who are referred by the Catholic Children's Aid Society, the Children's Aid Society or other social service agencies.

The program does not accept men with pre-adjudicated cases before the criminal court. There must be some level of acknowledged responsibility for abusive and/or violent behaviours, as well as a willingness to change. This program invites men to examine their relationship preferences and their behaviours, the abusive behaviours that have hindered them in reaching those relationship goals, and encourages a fundamental change in direction if they are to develop the non-abusive relationships which they desire.


  • to promote the safety of women by ending all forms of abusive behaviours;
  • to take responsibility for their abusive behaviours and to identify restraints to personal responsibility (i.e. the defenses of blame, denial, minimization, etc.);
  • to identify, examine and challenge belief systems that support the concept of male domination over women;
  • to examine and acknowledge the impact of their abusive behaviours on their partners;
  • to demonstrate and commit to a relationship that is based on the principles of mutual respect, partnership, active listening, negotiation, constructive communication.

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